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Performing arts

Cambridge Park High School is recognised as having an excellent reputation in creative and performing arts (CAPA), and provides students with a wide variety of opportunities in performing arts. Every year the CAPA department runs a variety of initiatives, such as:

  1. The Cambridge Learning Community Performing Arts Festival (CLC PAF): This event, now in its eleventh (11) year, is rapidly building in strength and embraces around 400 high school and primary performers and 1000 spectators.
  2. The Annual Creative Arts Exhibition: Also in its fourth year, this event includes works from our partner primary school students.
  3. Vocal Group: This group have successfully auditioned for the Arena Choir at School Spectacular for the last four years and the Arts Unit Choral Choir Festival.
  4. Flannofest: A local drama event held at the Joan Sutherland Performing Arts Centre. This is our fourth year.
  5. Bring It On Hip Hop dance crew: Three-time Grand Finalists.
  6. Various Dance initiatives such as a new boys Stomp Group (made up of students from our three partner primary schools with the aim to engage boys in Dance and the Performing Arts), a new Cheerleading Group and involvement in the Blue Mountains Nepean Dance Festival and the Schools Spectacular Combined Dance Ensemble in 2012.
  7. A Celebration of Music: For high performing music students from Years 7-12. Two years running.
  8. National Cheer Competition: Currently, Cambridge Park High School are National Champions for two years running.
  9. Penrith Valley Performing Arts Festival: Festival comprising of schools in the Penrith Area for music, dance and drama.
  10. Targeted Music, Dance, Drama and Art Programs: Aimed at students who have a special interest or talent in creative arts as additional classes to normal timetables.

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